You'd be hard pressed to find a musician who pull together an eclectic collection of styles better than Atlanta's Weston Taylor. Taylor, who performs under the moniker Ayo River, has an uncanny ability to draw from hip-hop, emotive indie and even the elegance of folk, and then wrap it all together in one seamless package. In this case, the seamless package would be his debut LP, Failed State, which The 405 is streaming ahead of its Aug. 25 release.

The album is a deft-blend of thumping 808-style drums and evocative indie melodies. Advance singles 'Mercedes' and 'Porcelain' highlighted this mix beautifully, but album highlight 'White Dress' may well step away from the fold for its addictingly propulsive elements. It was one that Taylor himself was particularly proud of creating.

"This song was written in the heat of the summer with the intent of being a summer banger," says Taylor. "Growing up in Atlanta, hip-hop has ALWAYS been close to my heart. It’s a real part of the city. I wanted to bring the sounds I loved from hip-hop and Atlanta into the project, and hope to more in the future. I worked with a hip-hop producer (Taylor Rohrbaugh) to find those sonic elements. The song is about dark sides, when I drink too much and don’t remember what I’ve done or said. It takes that part of me and showed how I kind of destroyed one relationship by comparing it to another. I tried to measure up two totally different loves, and they didn’t match. It’s addressing my own personal problems, Why aren’t things good enough for me? Why do I deal with it by partying too much?"

You can stream Ayo River's superb debut album Failed State below.