Three strikes and you're out. No this isn't baseball: this is Azealia Banks' view on abortion. Whilst some pro-lifers would see this as good and logical, there is such a thing as being too logical. And there is also such a thing as making up wholly baseless rules attached to very sensitive issues and spouting them crazily on Twitter – these are called opinions.

Some people like to bandy these things around as if they were cute pets in handbags to be shown off, "hey it's just my opinion, look how cool it is, please pay attention," when in fact, on closer inspection, they are not cute at all, but rather monstrous, misinformed and ignorant. No one wants to see that.

Keep this in mind: "I'm totally pro-choice." She said it herself. She is "totally" – got it? – "pro-choice," ok?

And then the "but" – that all important "but" – you'll find it everywhere, mostly in sentences strung together by people who say they're one thing but actually aren't that thing. See how it unfolds…

Huh?! What's the grounds for this? What? Wh…? I'm more and more outrageously confused the more I look at this.

Hear that? A "WOMAN" would "NEVER" kill her child. Ok, so you got that? "Totally pro-choice," though, remember?

Oh, great. Another person in jail. Not because she's dangerous to society, but because she went past the Three Abortions Rule. The wisdom of Azealia "totally pro-choice" Banks strikes again.

…Nicely done, blaming the victim, and all…

So, she ended the mad tirade of uninformed opinion with: "You CAN choose to not be offended by me." Not by deftly summing up her argument and felling all naysayers with one succinct point. But with this childish incongruity. No, actually, you can't "choose" to not be offended. Being offended isn't something you choose to do after careful consideration; offence is felt as a feeling. Azealia Banks could CHOOSE to not get so defensive, or not delete her tweets (which she did, numerously), when people questioned her opinion – or even CHOOSE to not tweet out these opinions-as-fact in the first place – but, y'know, we all make CHOICES, don't we?

Yet there are tons of people following her, agreeing like the sycophants they are, who replied to the last tweet with things like "they need someone to shout at in their basic lives, let them", "i love YOU", "They're just mad because they're not as thoughtful as you -- love your opinions and your music xoxo", " i'll always be here with you mamacita <3 <3". Let me vomit over here for a second… how utterly disgusting.