Following on in a recent spate of interactive videos (even Jack White got involved), Azealia Banks has joined the hordes for perhaps the interactivest of interactive videos. It's for 'Wallace', a track taken from her album released at the end of last year Broke With Expensive Taste, and it's been produced by Collins.

Hosted on Google Cloud Platform and using webcam technology, you watch the video and are able to control Banks' movements by moving in front of the webcam – specifically your head, as the trailer instructs. You can go to Azealia Banks' site to try it out, but you have to be using Chrome, naturally. (Note: when I tried I was directed to download Chrome. I currently am using Chrome so I couldn't be bothered to go with it any further, but please be my guest and try for yourself).

In the meantime, watch a trailer and try not to get too disturbed by the head movements.