He's currently London's best-kept musical secret - but the city won't remain tight-lipped for long, not with a gem like Azekel under wraps. Jaws are still grazing the floor from his first single, 'That Feeling'. His soul-infused R&B recalls star of 2012, Frank Ocean - he's got brutally honest lyrics, sublime electronica backing and a silken, fragile voice.

As a special treat, his new track, 'No Ordinary Love', is available as a free download. It's a sensual, slick flurry of babbling bass womps and ticking beats, overlayed with Azekel's vibrant, stunning vocals – his register flippancy is enviable, and not once does he waver. This is a singer with confidence. He stuffs wired samples into the backing, ensuring the music gets as much love and care as his voice, and the result is an effort without a weak link. Get the download below.