It goes without saying that it'll be hard for 25-year-old Philadelphia producer Harry Bauer Rodrigues, aka Baauer, to not be tabbed with 'Harlem Shake' for the rest of his career. It's been two years since the release of the mega-single and YouTube movement and his less-heralded but furiously good 'Higher' edit with Just Blaze and Jay Z. But for a producer like Rodriques, who's been making music for nearly half his life, settling wasn't a possibility.

His new effort, 'Clang', reportedly comes from a sampling of German composer and multi-instrumentalist Buedi Siebert. The result is a rough 180 turn from what may have been expected. 'Clang' is a bass-heavy party hurler, no question, but the track is more rich and subdued than his more notorious releases.

Head to the official Baauer site to read a short interview with Siebert with the track. Otherwise, stream 'Clang' below.

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