Here's something. It's something for all of you out there who have sore heads, or who need a moment to chill, to curl up and think pleasant thoughts, or for those who make chilling their lifelong goal and everyday experience. It's called 'Mornitude' and it's just as delicate as its name suggests – just as smooth.

It's a nice collective space-age waves of wah-wah synths lapping at your mind, sending ripples across those aching neurons; a smooth piano melody plays sweetly, joined later by warm synth chords, a brief but welcome female vocal sample and mechanical shudders. With all of these noises, you're taken through the gentle yet altogether disturbing routine of morning, when wakefulness seems a shock to the system and a longing for ease and comfort is beset with the juddering vision of reality.

This mélange of sounds – set to a swaying, almost somnambulant hip-hop beat – representative of mornitude (perhaps its creator should coin that word) comes from Babble, aka Sebastian Enciso, a little-known trackmaker from Los Angeles. Let's hope he keeps it up and hones even more so, this knack for creating an atmosphere.

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