Label: Phantasy Release date: 11/10/10 Link: Amazon I’ve been dreading this review for a while. Between the disheartening attacks on my Exit Calm review, the backlash of various other supercilious entities who resort to negativity without validity, and a general malaise about the scene of experimental, I find myself more and more wary of saying things I think thanks to the inevitable asshole who shoots whatever you say down. Fear not, for I shall do my best to remain intrepid and honest. So let’s tackle Babe, Terror’s latest EP, Havai. Given that this is a three song, 12” deal, don’t expect anything more than about 500 words here (including these previous ones). To minimize the things that can be said about the review proper (please, let me be the lightning rod of hate for you thanks to that first paragraph, negative commenter’s), things will be bullet points this time, a choice also rooted in my bid to explore the various methodologies of reviewing. So let’s do this. • EPICENTRO (DUKE DUMONT REWORK) o Well, the mood here is pleasantly “spooky” to begin, ominous pulsing kick, gentle synths. o Hmm, the vocals from the track seem to be added in here purely to provide something solid in the æther o More enjoyable than I expected a Duke Dumont remix to be. I give this track a solid 6/10 o For some reason, I keep on wanting this to go on for another 30 seconds, like a fade, but the bitcrush “swoop” is a nice way to wrap things up cleanly and with a classic touch. • HAVAI (MMEORY TAPES REWORK) o Holy shit this sounds like Four Tet. Like uncannily so. o Is Memory Tapes “ripping off” Four Tet? Actually, no. o I like how ‘80s he manages to make this while abandoning the original song in a very bizarre way (EG barely sampling the original). o Less of a rework than a new Memory Tapes song…something I like more than his other shit. o Oh the change like 2’20” in is sick. Totally club worthy. • HAVAI (this is the original Babe, Terror version) o I get the whole “early Animal Collective” vibe, but it obstructs the song here. o For being a song so well suited to rhythmic work, this is a really dull drone. o Really, why am I not listening to Sunn O)))? Or that Bieber song slowed down 400 times? o Man, this is just not that good compared to the remixes…that hurts. Oh jesus, I still have three more minutes of this?!? o Why keep up this a cappella, soporific, vibe when you obviously have the ability to make genuinely dynamic songs? The issue here is that the drone is uninteresting. I actually like the effects being used and the build is almost timed masterfully well. Well, the remixes warrant this. Fuck man, that Memory Tapes remix is really great. Photobucket