With a new album scheduled to be released in little under a month from now, UK noise-makers Bad Breeding has unleashed yet another ballistic missile aimed at listeners heads in the form of their latest single ‘Theatre of Work.’

The third track lifted from their forthcoming record titled Exiled, ‘Theatre of Work’ festers and fumes with a menacing rot as the band turns toward a dowtrodden but equally ominous sound that plods along like a death march. With disorienting guitar feedback and chaotic saxophone licks combining with Christopher Dodd’s rabid barks of political banter, this hardcore death march devolves even further into an apocalyptic realm that to the band, is closer to reality than most realize.

‘Theatre of Work,’ like every other cut revealed the hardcore outfit thus far, sifts through the shambles of British socio-economics. But this time, the band zeroes in specifically on the toxic conditions of working life, made in correlation to their country’s deteriorating politcal system.

Vocalist Dodd disects the track, saying ‘Theatre of Work’ “explores the theatre of being tied to agency work and zero-hours contracts, dogged by insecurity, stripped of confidence and laid bare to the laughable fatalism of being exploited by the very concepts you’re taught as necessary to your own survival.”

Stream ‘Theatre of Work’ above, preorder Exiled and follow Bad Breeding on their Facebook and Bandcamp.