The University of New South Wales have some bad news for beard owners and some great news for Gillette. The Australian University has conducted a recent study on facial hair (and they say higher education is a waste of time) and ruled that society has entered a moment called "peak beard". Which basically means that there are so many beards around, people no longer find them attractive.

To reach this tragic conclusion, researchers asked 1,500 people to rank 36 photos of men with different facial hair, or none at all, in order of attractiveness. The result's showed most people didn't dig the guys with the hairy faces, and that's thought to be because of the aforementioned 'peak beard' epidemic, the world has been watching to much Game of Thrones and listening to too much Bon Iver. It's made us subconscious facial-hair-hipsters.

So listen up bearded men of the world, it may be a cruel twist of fate, but to save the beard, you need to shave the beard.

Watch Titus Andronicus play 'A More Perfect Union' below (because Patrick Stickles has a cool beard).