J. Views has been one of the most fascinating artists in recent memory. His imaginative, innovative electronic music has earned him commercial and critical acclaim — he's been nominated for Grammys and featured in makeup adverts, just to name two examples. Now, one of the more sublime tracks from his 2016 album 401 days, 'We Moved,' has received two stellar remixes from Bad Royale and Tiny Rik.

Offering their own takes on a sterling pop track, both Bad Royale and Tiny Rik put their own twist on the original track. Bad Royale, in particular, offers a warped rendition that is flush with Caribbean musical motifs. It is one of those remixes where, if you didn't know better, you would believe it was its own song.

"I'm just honored to have two of my favorite electronic acts, Bad Royale, whose raw sound felt so refreshing when I heard them first last year, and Tiny Rik, a super talented producer who is just starting out," says J. Views. "We Moved was released a couple weeks ago as a fan-generated video, and now it's ignited a social movement with Global Citizen, I simply can't be happier with the life that this track is getting on its own"

Check out the Bad Royale and Tiny Rik remixes of 'We Moved' below, as well as a radio edit of J. Views' banging original track. Have yourself a little dance party on us.