Bath band Bad Sounds have released the epic new video for their self-described “retail ballad” ‘Wages’. It’s another example of the band’s attention to detail and style as they take to a Chinese restaurant to perform this highlight from their debut LP Get Better. A dramatic brawl breaks out in this unassuming setting as the four piece reach the triumphant crescendo to this bleak banger.

Speaking on the video, the band commented: “We've wanted to work with proper fighters for ages and we went in expecting to pick up some awesome martial arts moves. But it turns out the only thing we were good enough to do was get gently kicked on to a mat, but I feel we did that very well. We shot it overnight in this Chinese restaurant owned by the nicest people ever, they stayed with us the whole night, fed us and ended up making it in the video.”

Bad Sounds are known for gleefully mixing varied influences into Beck, Flaming Lips and Curtis Mayfield and have picked up heaps of support from tastemakers including Radio 1’s Annie Mac who is a firm champion. They will shortly embark on their biggest headline tour to date, with tickets available here.