Looking like extras from the cast of ‘My Name is Earl’ and creating a sound that’ll leave you craving for fajitas, Bad Weather California have announced details and track listing of their debut album with new label, Family Tree Records. The album, entitle Sunkiss, will be released on 5th March, and you can see the band perform live for the Brass Tree Sessions as well as the album track listing here:



  • 1. I’ll Reach Out My Hand
  • 2. When You Smile
  • 3. Stand In My Sunshine
  • 4. Big Yellow Ball
  • 5. Skate or Try
  • 6. Freaks and Geks
  • 7. Let It Shine
  • 8. I’ll Reach Out My Hand pt 2
  • 9. I Feel Like Dancing
  • 10. I’ll Sing Along
  • 11. You’re My Friend