In the field of electronic music there is much more room for innovation within sound. Musicians have done pretty much everything they can with a guitar and nothing has ever really managed to sound better than Loveless in 1992. Those who are looking for records that sonically are very individual, different and beautiful have long since turned to electronic and experimental music.

Balam Acab's debut record Wonder/Wander is one of the few albums that have come out in the past few years that can really be described as sounding somewhat special. It's strength does not lie in the songs, which struggle to push past good, but instead in the timbre and atmosphere behind the whole thing. While the album could be loosely described at witch house, it can't be described a dark or creepy. Instead Wonder/Wander tries to tread out it's own path. The record is often beautiful and elating. In addition the album has a second tone underlying this, the rhythms and bass is evoking of malice and violence. Achingly pretentious words could be written of this contrast, but all that matters is that it manages to sound wonderful.

In general the songs are kept decisively down-tempo, this helps matters as it allows the album to softly create an atmosphere rather than aggressively making themselves the centre of attention. Wonder/Wander is easily ignored and it does the job of humming away in the background remarkably well. However when the listener immerses themselves in the music all of the wondrous little intricacies become apparent. Tiny warps in tempo and volume give the album a underwater or not quite real sound. Tiny noises punctuate and add to the music, there is always something going on here, something humming away in the background that can be noticed by an attentive listener.

Wonder/Wander is a proper album, not just a collection of songs. The same motifs, rhythms and sounds pop up again and again through. Each song feeds into the next and is not forgotten as it passes. As such the sound seeps into the brain of listener, placing them into a contented point of relaxation. Balam Acab does not set out to excite, there is nothing here that will have you pausing with wonder or suddenly singing it's praises. He does however create one of the best sounding albums in a long time, creating a sound that is both individual and lacking the dissonance that experimental music is often associated with. So, don't just pick out a few songs and dismiss them. Acquire the entirety of this album and properly digest and love it, there is much here to recommend.