Released: October 1st Genre: Drama Rating: NR Trailer: Click here The Film - A young boy drifts through the spare flatlands of a wintry Mississippi township and a middle-aged man sits in his rural home, frozen in grief after his brother’s suicide. These striking images set in motion a riveting story of three people trying to reposition their lives after experiencing a traumatic loss. Lance Hammer won the best director award at the 2008 Sundance Film festival for his assured hand with which he tells a delicate, quietly unfolding story using understated means and non-professionals from the Mississippi Delta. The Verdict -There's a lot of good things that can be said for the trailer of Ballast. Whether that be the rather incredible establishing shot of a young boy engulfed in a swarm of disturbed migrating birds, seconds in. The beautiful use of diegetic sound that seems to mask over any otherwise annoying Hollywood narration, in turn accentuating the tragically cold on screen visuals in order to provoke emotion from expression in the verbally mute space. Or the clever way in which the trailer is delivered. Unlike conventional trailers Ballast unfolds only a small corner on an absorbing, life affirming story that has yet to unravel, keeping the audience in a state of suspense. Ballast is definitely one cinematic masterpieces to look out for in theaters this autumn.