Label: Western Vinyl Release date: 08/03/10 Website: Myspace For those of you not familiar with the relatively new band Balmorhea you’re missing out. The band’s first album called Balmorhea (wonder where they got the name for that album...) was released in 2007 when post rock was still relatively young and hadn’t hit the mainstream in a massive way yet. With lots of post rock bands clogging the radio waves these days from Sigur Rós to Expolosions In The Sky it’s easy to discard Balmorhea as another copy cat post rock band. But when you take the time to listen to the music in a calm space on your own you can see that they are actually beautiful in their own way. The new album, Constellations, is no exception. The opening track of Constellations ‘To order of the night’ sounds a lot more like Balmorhea’s older work rather than the more structured sound of their 2009 album, All Is Wild All Is Silent. They seem to have taken a darker and more unpredictable direction in their new tracks. By the time you get to the third track on the album ‘Winter Circle’ you feel as though Balmorhea have taken you somewhere very barren and deserted...a complete change from all is wild and all is silent where you feel like you are soaring over forests and oceans. The album continues along in this way and by track five the darkness is taken in an almost sinister direction in the form of the title track ‘Constellations’. This is followed by the very piano heavy ‘steerage and the lamp’ which, as you may tell from the song name, seems to steer you away from the dark lonesome place that the first half of the album has taken you to and goes instead in a more hopeful direction. I wonder what would be sung here if Balmorhea had lyrics. After this track the album reverts back to the coldness of the beginning again and even feels more dead than than before. It leaves you feeling hopeless and empty...but in a good way. Overall Constellations might disappoint those who were waiting for similar follow up album to All Is Wild All Is Silent and do not have the patience for a less immediate album. However if you give it time and attention, the new album can take you on an emotional journey and reward your patience in the true spirit of post rock. Photobucket What say you on this?Sound off in our Fourum!