Belgian based artist Baloji has announced the release of his new album 137 Avenue Kaniama. The new record explores themes of love, personal struggle and socio-politics of migrant communities, whilst sonically intertwining traditional African rhythms with 808s and funky synths.

Along with the announcement Baloji also uploaded a video for the first single ‘Soleil de Volt’. The video was actually taken from Kaniama Show, an upcoming short satirical film about soft power and propaganda on TV. The excerpt used for ‘Soleil de Volt’ draws on Baloji’s Congolese roots, taking inspiration from Congolese wedding bands and men dressed in Zoot suits and Gelees (head wraps traditionally worn by women) and incorporating some fantastic choreography.

Whilst talking with The Fader about the idea behind the single Baloji said - “’Soleil de Volt’ (translation: electric sun) is about my childhood home in Lubumbashi, where they only have electricity for six months of the year, people use dynamos to generate heat and real creativity is needed to keep the lights on at night. The psychedelic mid-section of the song describes times when the DRC’s government cuts off 3G and the Internet.”

137 Avenue Kaniama is out 23 March via Bella Union.