Usually when song contains the gnarled yelling of "I'm living in a trash can," it's a good sign. At least for the listener.

Baltimore sludge outfit Dope Body have been unleashing iconoclastic hard rock mashes over the past few years, becoming one of the more endearing modern rock bands. The band's newest effort, 'Old Grey', affirms the frantic kinetic energy the band is becoming so affectionately known for, piling splitting Sonic Youth-style guitar gnashing and cutthroat choruses. And in its art rock frame, 'Old Grey' manages to keep its gutter rock mechanisms completely upfront. The only question remains is if the song is about Old Grey or the more loveable Old Gregg. Gregg didn't live in a trash can, no, but he lived under a lake in a sewer. Same difference. Listen to 'Old Grey' below.