Malmö-based Magnus Johansson crafts celestial ambient treasures under the moniker of Bam Spacey, and is ready to sooth the world into submission with the release of debut EP Land.

The six-track EP from the Swede is part an ode to minimal techno; now, I'm tempted to tread wearily down the lazy journalistic path of Swede + Minimal house/techno = The Field, but that would very much be a misleading path. Johansson enriches the experience with a range of sonic gestures and production textures, a space-tropical vibe corressing your ears. Chill-wave-esque but with an underlying clarity of house. Space-wave? Tropical-house? Whatever, it is lovely stuff.

The EP is available to stream now - and also to purchase digitally and on 12" via the wonderful Brooklyn-based Ceremony. Hurry, as they're on a limited run - check out his Facebook for further details