Complete with a visual backing that seems to hearken to Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal, albeit with two dramatic, entranced musicians cavorting about, BAMBOO's new visual for single 'Weeping Idols' is a hot mess in the best of ways.

As the duo of Nick Carlisle & Rachel Horwood prepare for their third album on Upset The Rhythm, Daughters of the Sky, for release on June 7th, they've dropped off their new video via The 405.

On the song itself, Nick offers, "On the surface ‘Weeping Idols’ is probably the poppiest song Rachel and I have made together, the music I wrote is coldly positive and intransigent but Rachel’s darker lyric is still there to be discovered under the sheen," while Rachel reflects on the new video, "We were inspired by Tears for Fears' video for 'Shout', and the other figure in the video is a sort of pilgrim which connects to the religious nature of the lyrics."

Check it all out below, and look out for new tunes from the pair very soon.