The Austin, Texas-based pop outfit MIDDLESPOON have dubbed their music "banana pop." What does that mean? Well their music is splashed with vibrant color, tons of fun to dance to, and they'll be the first to tell you its a little fruity, as well. This gender-bending duo is now prepping its debut record, HouseWife, which is due out this spring. Premiering today through The 405 is that record's first single, 'SomeOne.'

'SomeOne' is a little less pop and a little more soul, relative to the rest of MIDDLESPOON's discography. A mid tempo beat accentuated by some lovely guitar provide the foundation for the group's emotive vocal performance. On top of it all, 'SomeOne' has an invaluable lyrical message for its listeners.

"'SomeOne' is a song about self-love," explains MIDDLESPOON. "Originally written for a hip-hop track, it became a commentary on the patriarchy and disrespect for women rampant in music. With a nod to Sam Cooke and his vocal stylings set to a summertime melody, this song conceals a question to all, begging each of us to embrace a loving, supportive and progressive future."

Stream MIDDLESPOON's 'SomeOne' below, keep an eye open for their upcoming record HouseWife and check out their upcoming U.S. tour dates a little further down the page.

  • 04 February - Austin Eastciders Collaboratory; Austin, TX
  • 17 February - Casanova; Makawao, HI
  • 23 February - Hotel Cafe; Los Angeles, CA
  • 28 February - Gay Ski Week / The WoodEar; Telluride, CO
  • 03 March - Empire Control Room; Austin, TX
  • 12-18 March - SXSW; Austin, TX