Band of Gold, the collaboration between Norway’s Nina Mortvedt and Nikolai Hængsle, made a splash in 2015 with their self-titled debut, which was crowned with the Nordic Music Prize against heavy competition such as Bjork and Jenny Hval. Next year will see the release of their sophomore effort, Where’s The Magic on Jansen Records. The 405 is ecstatic to premier the first single from the album, ‘I Wanna Dance With You Again’.

‘I Wanna Dance With You Again’ feels like entering a pop world in media res. Instead of prolonging buildup, Mortvedt and Hængsle’s demonstrate their confidence right away. Rich bass and drums, silky guitar and dreamy synths courtesy of Hængsle help guide Mortvedt’s coy vocals, with a twang reminiscent of Natalie Prass, from each section. Her tone might be a bit understated, but her words certainly aren’t. “There’s a hand around my heart and it’s tearing me apart,” she laments. You can practically see a split-screen music video while listening, but one with shots wide enough for room for both Mordtvedt’s voice and Hængsle’s production.