Welcome to 'Bands, You're Doing It All Wrong', a new series dedicated to highlighting mistakes bands tend to make (usually new bands). Each week we'll be asking a new Music Industry professional to briefly outline a 'mistake' they often see bands make.

Now, 'mistake' is a provocative term to use, especially as this is all opinion-based (albeit from a professional standing), but if you have a counter-argument please leave it in the comments section and we'll discuss it with you.

Following Sandra Croft's discussion on packaging and PR campaigns, we have the rather brilliant Jack Clothier of Alcopop fame (which just won Small UK Indie Label Of the Year 2013 at the AIM awards!) - who has some serious beef with CC'd demos...

Receiving demos is pretty much my favourite thing about running a label. Being in the privileged position where talented (and not so talented) musicians from across the country send me their jams to have a listen to is great, and I really appreciate it. For me, best of the best are those awesome physical packages that come through - handwritten letters, declarations of love, wrestling figures and tee shirts are all things that have really caught my eye in the past - and while it sure as hell doesn't mean I'll sign your band - it will certainly make me listen wanting to love you.

But digital is cool too - as I totally understand that unsigned bands don't always have the time or resources to make cool stuff to post. Granted, I do miss some of the electronic demos that come through if we're super, super busy, but I try to listen to as many as time allows - especially the personal emails. But this brings me to the key / the point of this article... The 'YOU'RE DOING IT ALL WRONG'.

PLEASE DEAR BANDS. PLEASE. PLEASE. Don't attach big MP3s, CCing every industry contact you can find / copy and paste off a list from Google, and send some shitty email telling us you dig our roster, because you clearly fucking don't - unless you enjoy the roster of every other label and radio DJ (from A-C) that you've managed to cram into the CC bar. I'm not demanding you love Alcopop! - man, we don't necessarily adore every blog, mag and show we approach for features - but those kind of emails (and we're pretty nice, genuinely) without fail - get immediately deleted.

You see, I can assure you that Alan Addison of Aardvark records (in annoys me even more when the contacts are so obviously copied and pasted A-C) will not be impressed that you've bunged him a 23mb zip of files that 'maybe lacking vocals but they're a good starting point'. Just make sure your tracks are ready to send, pick a few labels that you do genuinely like (or think might suit) and send them a personalised email. Like I say, I appreciate that you haven't all got time to knit Alcokitten a lemon shaped hat as part of your demo package, and in all honesty - you may not give a fuck about us but think we suit your music - that's fine, but just make sure you're a little bit personal, a little bit targeted - and genuine.

Oh and soundcloud/streaming links as options are massively appreciated.

Thoughts? Do you prefer CCing over BBcing? Do you have a fear of sending personalised emails? Let us know!