On her new single, Moda Spira aka Latifah Alattas works through her disbelief. ‘Bang’ channels Alattas’ mourning over lost love, though she has yet to accept that it’s gone. The song will appear on her forthcoming record, which is described as documenting the deterioration of her marriage; it will be called simply, Divorce. The record is due out on October 26, just a few days before she embarks on tour with Liz Vice.

With her moniker, Alattas implies that love, like oxygen, is integral to life. ‘Moda spira’ is a Latin phrase that describes the act of continually breathing, an act so natural we don’t think about it. Our emotions are similarly involuntary. Alattas explains further: “I began writing to explore what intimacy means, in all its beautiful and maddening aspects. Like loving, breathing is something you have to do everyday to feel alive. There are times in relationships that are so intense, you find yourself saying, ‘Just keep breathing!’”

On her new record she faces her feelings head-on. ‘Bang’ marks one of many pivotal internal moments for Alattas, where she asks questions in the hopes of finding a valid reason for her suffering. With the track’s downtempo jazz influences, and of course Alattas’ pained vocals, the track has a palpable weariness. She’s dwelling upon emotions that hit as quick as a gunshot, aware that the reverberations will last much longer.

Moda Spira will head out on tour with Liz Vice along the west coast of the US; visit Vice’s website for the full schedule of dates. Follow Moda Spira on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.