Everyone knows BANKS by now, surely? Yes, well, if you don't, now's a good time to start listening. Her latest track, 'Drowning', a warm blessing of RnB-inflected, moody electro-pop littered with lovely vocodery goodness. This has been remixed by a Norwegian producer called Lido and it's now filled with all the dynamism you can expect from juke (a jittery, paranoiac's vision of hip hop-influenced house) - and as such it reads like a brand-spanking-new symphony; fresh-flow blocks of synth like orchestra hits; pizzicato strings providing sunny baroque melodics; rainy night piano lament; swirling spacey pulses of synth. These are draped over gorgeously irregular beats, founded on dusty heartbeat kicks combined with undercutting sub-bass, clear-cut clapping and scuttling percussion. It's an exciting sound, clearly joyful in execution; the Oslo-based whizz-kid that is Lido is just gonna keep attracting attention with this approach to music.