Over the weekend, The Guardian published a feature wherein Banksy interviewed Run the Jewels. At any other point in life, this might come as quite an unexpected tidbit of news. However, if you missed the announcement at the end of last week, Banksy is opening a "bemusement park" called Dismaland. Alongside art displays and comedy shows, the street artist himself has handpicked a few musical acts to perform at Dismaland in Weston-super-Mare, one of which is Run the Jewels, who will be playing on 4th September.

In the interview, Banksy revealed that Killer Mike's speech at Ferguson after Darren Wilson received a not-guilty verdict made him cry, before asking "When did you last cry watching YouTube?" He went on to ask whether it's more important to be known as a great artist or a nice person, to which Killer Mike answers: "I believe being honourable lasts longer than rapping good."

Read the whole interview here.