A couple of hours ago people were gathering in front of newly painted graffiti in Cheltenham after suspecting Banksy was the responsible for the artwork. Whilst it has been verified quite yet, a new piece has now appeared on the artist's website. With no info whatsoever about its meaning, title and/or location, this recently unveiled art piece shows two lovers embracing while looking over each others' shoulders at their phones.

Banksy seems to suggest that his fans stop relying on the internet to find further clues about this new piece's location and take their "treasure hunt" to the streets (check the picture below for a better understanding of the black and white stencil's location). Or that we're all obsessed with screens.

The work follows Banksy's Better Out Than In project, which saw the artist attempting to create a new painting, piece, installation or sculpture at least once a day throughout the month he spent in New York City for his Art Residence.

Source: Hypebeast