San Diego-based Barbarian have just released their City Of Women EP on iTunes and Bandcamp. After two years releasing singles ('Chromatose' in 2011 and 'Daze Of Youth' last November), the Californian's decided they were more than ready for the EP challenge.

City Of Women lives on psych-garage rock, with Beach Boys-esque vocal harmonies on 'California Nightmare' and surfy guitars on 'Red Tide' spreading the dark 60s wave - a sort of feel-good darkness that colours end-of-summer sunsets and asks for proper goodbyes ('Chromatose' personifies this perfectly). The VU's Heroin beat on 'I Wanna Be Your TV' strains this hypnotic obsession with not-so-happy retro sounds, whilst the rhythm section on 'Night On Earth' borders on the exotic.

No time for a walk on the beach this summer? City Of Women will do.

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