As part of the World Minimal Music Festival (April 8th-12th), the Barbican Centre in London have announced an exciting collaborative night of live music featuring three producers at the very forefront of current British electronic music. On Thursday 9th April, James Holden, Koreless and Luke Abbott will all pay homage to American pioneering composer Terry Riley with their own Riley-inspired pieces using the sound of specially-designed chaotic sequencers, synthesisers, modulated delay effects and pulsating string players.

Speaking of Riley's influence, Holden says: "In retrospect, all my music has owed some debt to Terry Riley, even before I knew who he was. Of all the 'minimalists' his approach to stasis through repetition most resonated with me. But where he used tape loops and then rules-based composition to create incomprehensible detail within stasis, I use chaos theory and numerical musical systems towards the same end."

More information about the event – including tickets – can be found here.