Bastien Keb is a rag-tag multi-instrumentalist, proficient in playing everything from guitar to trumpet to drums to flute and more, but he often has to borrow or find these instruments in order to get to play them on his recordings. This lack of ownership over any of these particular sounds seeps into his productions, which layer together these various instruments into unique and idiosyncratic ways, often leaving him with a wide array of genres attached to his work - different for practically every song. Over the course of two full lengths released so far he has proven himself a tactile and unpredictable songwriter, with plenty of soul at some points and an artful disaffectedness at others. This seems set to continue on his upcoming 4-track EP Midnight Nasties, which is set for release on May 25th.

Today we bring you the lead single from Midnight Nasties, a track called 'Oteh Washington'. With creeping percussion and loner harmonies, 'Oteh Washington' slithers along with an awkwardly attractive gait, imbued by a plucky bassline. As the song progresses, Keb adds layers of melodic keys and spacey synths, subtle shakers and more layers of his forlorn voice, meaning that by the end 'Oteh Washington' is fully funky and has built up a higgledy piggledy but insatiable groove.

Keb tells us this about the song: “The track started out about an armed robbery, however lyrically it went off topic somewhat, to the point where bits and bobs were creeping in from all over the place, none that necessarily have any bearing on the song but might explain why I went off topic?! The chorus was me trying to find my inner falsetto as well, it’s the highest I can physically sing, not a note higher.”

Is it possible that one of those off-topic bits and bobs that floated into 'Oteh Washington' was a tribute to Queens Park Rangers striking partnership Aramide Oteh and Conor Washington? Maybe. Listen below and see.

Bastien Keb's new EP Midnight Nasties comes out through +FOURS on May 25th. Follow Bastien on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Midnight Nasties track list:

01. Cool It
02. Her
03. Oteh Washington
04. Flowers