Like a celestial event that occurs every few years, Bat For Lashes has returned with a new track called 'Kids In The Dark', and the revelation of her first album since 2016's The Bride. The new record is called Lost Girls and comes out on September 6th.

'Kids In The Dark' will immediately recall the mischievous feeling that is embedded into Bat For Lashes' music, this time coming over pastel-coloured synth pulses and endless soundscapes. Khan is in crooning form, reminiscent again of Kate Bush in both vocals and lyricism. But there's a modern sinister slant to the tale being told in 'Kids In The Dark', as our narrator sings of “a body bag/ on eucalyptus hill, and the Hollywood forever and the endless sleeping pills.” Take a listen below.

Bat For Lashes' Lost Girls is out September 6th (pre-order).