More details of the 3DS/Vita spin-off, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate have now been divulged in a recent interview on Game Informer with the handheld game developer Armature.

In the interview, game director Mark Pacini claims that the game will be “Metroidvania” in style (A coined term amalgamating the “backtrack” free-exploration elements that featured in both Super Metroid for the SNES and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for the PSX).

Mark went on to explain that the game will have no “jump” ability per se in the game, something that …well, most “Metroidvania” styled games had:

"What we did is we went through the back log of the past two Arkham games and looked at the things that we thought would work well in our game. Climbing the grapple is our jump, so there’s no jumping in the game, you use the grapple to get up higher. We have glide – you know the glide allows you to go down over longer lateral spaces."

The move to not include a jump function makes a certain kind of sense since players don’t really have cause to "jump" all that much in the previous games in the Batman: Arkham series; like Mark Pacini said, Batman’s aerial dynamics are mostly performed via a grapple hook and glide. As to whether it works a 2.5D environment, we'd have to see it in action first.