David Halsey, aka Petticoat, appreciates a healthy dose of modern nostalgia. On his perspective, Halsey offers, "I love the music from eras that have had an eye towards futurism. Things like 2000s RnB and modern club/pop music."

You can hear these interests in his latest single, the irrepressible leap of energy that is 'Fantasy'. With grand drums, a healthy dose of synths, and a beat that could nearly be described as shattered, the song makes quite an impact.

Speaking on the track himself, Halsey reflects, "[it's] a song centered around the act of presenting through dating apps and websites. The lyrics play into the consequences of shallowness and miscommunication through online profiles. I chose to go with 80s New Wave mixed with dance pop for the instrumental. To me, that era of 80s synth pop was inherently futuristic for its time with its synthesizers, experimental voice mixing, and subject matter. It was a perfect match to get across the feeling and message of modern love; like an eye towards the future through a lens of retrospection."

Listen to the buoyant single below, and stay tuned for more from Petticoat soon.