The 405 is here with your new favourite producer/songwriter.

BAYNK (born Jock Nowell-Usticke), is a New Zealand native ready to showcase to the world what the island has to offer. Case in point: ‘Want 2’. This song is a healthy dose of anthemic dreams stirred with DIY heart. It’s one of those songs that works on a festival stage and gets a chill vibe going at your buddy’s apartment.

I caught up with BAYNK via email to learn a little more about the artist, his process, and ‘Want 2’.

Was music a big part of your childhood? What are some of your earliest memories of music?

My parents were convinced that both their children had to learn some facet of music. So, my mum would sit down with me every day at the piano before school from the age of 5 to make sure I practiced my scales. All my early memories are with her hovering over my shoulder whilst I grudgingly practiced piano; I didn't fall in love with it until I stopped playing classical piano and started playing in bands. As soon as I discovered production during university, I was smitten.

Many producers/electronic artists got their start playing traditional instruments. Did you play anything else besides the piano?

Yeah started off with classical piano which I hated then moved into guitar and saxophone which I still play today. I always wanted to play the saxophone out in a live setting so made sure I hung onto that; the reaction from crowds when it comes out is priceless.

New Zealand has always been a hidden gem. How would you describe the current music scene there? Is there anything in particular you believe sets it apart from the clichéd culture hubs?

It's growing steadily and some of my favourite new artists are coming out of there- montell2099, nekolye, and that beat scene. I think because the scene's small we're all much more independent than artists who live in bigger centres, taking on more of the load ourselves with a tendency not to collaborate as much. I know this is the case for myself and it's been a good and bad thing; your sound becomes more unique but there's so much to learn from collaboration. It's very much a do-it-yourself attitude in all professions in NZ.

When it comes to writing your music, do you find yourself building everything from the ground up starting with a beat or can/does it start with a melody line?

I usually start with chords and melody and keep the drums pretty simple and thicken them up towards the end of the process. I always build everything from scratch and tend never to sample.

The chord progression is the thing that resonates with me the most so if that's not there, then the song’s not there.

Did anything in particular inspire your new single, ‘Want 2’? There’s an earnest energy when it comes to the melody.

There was a girl I was with for a long period of time and eventually I moved on and she didn't seem to as easily; so the song’s about that and the frustration of someone still hitting you up when you've moved on and everything's in the past. Still a great girl but the love faded.

Who are some artists catching your ears that you would like to collaborate with?

Mura Masa is a big inspiration for me, so he would be incredible to get in with. Also loving Tourist, Kllo and Chance currently. So many people. Lauv would be amazing, too.

If there’s one piece of advice you would give your younger self when it comes to producing a track, what would it be?

I don't think there's any one specific way to go about a song and that you should know what you want before producing a track. The hardest part is sitting down and starting. Once that's done, inspiration comes from everywhere; so just go with the flow and let what happens happen. Don't be afraid to experiment because the best ideas come from there.