Famous for making films that have a very decent track record for getting it right when it comes to the music used in them (Moulin Rouge!, Romeo + Juliet, Great Gatsby), Baz Luhrmann has decided to set up his own record label. It's called Bazmark.

"I'm going to try to build a home that has a great foundation, and I hope it has longevity," said Luhrmann, talking about his new venture. "I would feel useful if just one or two artists found their creative road through the home we're about to build."

He's partnering with RCA Records to set up the new label, a deal that came about when the former approached Luhrmann regarding his new Netflix series, The Get Down (about a group of kids in the Bronx during the birth of hip-hop), and offered him an outlet for music used in his various projects.

"It was presented to us as, 'Baz is looking for a home for his ideas,' and the label was an outgrowth of that," explained RCA boss, Tom Corson.

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