Freeza Chin and Jayemkayem are a couple of DJs and GIF connoisseurs from Toronto, Canada. They are also madly in love and now have their own bi-weekly column titled bb2bb right here.


We don't really believe in Valentine's Day, since every day should be about eating chocolate, listening to slow jams and appreciating your significant other. Alas, we'll never turn down the opportunity to round up our favourite love songs, and when we say "love" we don’t mean your typical corny, mushy tunes. Love can be sweet, sexy, sad, complicated and fun, so this playlist reflects that.

Jay's picks range from songs appreciate the female genitalia (Plies' 'Pretty Pussy') to those that ponder a love that might not last forever, but is beautiful all the same (Stevie Wonder's 'You and I'). Freeza's picks include the story of a love affair that ends in murder (yup, it's dark and it's D'Angelo's 'Shit, Damn, Motherfucker') and a classic 90's R&B ode to sex (Jodeci 'Freek'n You'). We also had to include our own personal fav: Buju Banton's 'Love Sponge.'

So whether you're hooked up and happy, or single, sad AF and crying this V-Day, hit play and enjoy.