BBC 6Music have announced today a new DJ partnership will take on the weekend breakfast slot this winter in form of Adam Buxton and Edith Bowman.

Rising to fame on his show with Joe Cornish, Buxton has been awol from the airwaves for a while but returns mid-November for a seven week stint hosting the breakfast show on weekends. I've missed being on the radio so I'm delighted 6 Music have let me back into the Big British Castle for a few weeks, albeit without Joe who is busy slaving in a dream factory somewhere. To stop me from shrivelling up with loneliness Edith Bowman is going to join me which I'm very excited about as she's intelligent, professional, Scottish and a woman; qualities I value highly and in which Joe was almost entirely lacking. I just hope she doesn't mind occasional shouting and stupidity."

Long serving Radio 1 DJ and big friend of The 405 Edith added, "I'm a big fan of 6Music and what it stands for so I am really excited to be joining the team and to be working with Adam. It's going to be incredible fun although I know I will have my work cut out trying to keep up with Adam's dance moves."