BBC has just announced they'll be launching a new digital music service: Playlister is a tool that allows users to add and save their favourite tracks heard on the BBC to a personal online playlist, which they can then export to YouTube, Spotify or Deezer (following a recent partnership with the services).

The idea first came as a result of BBC showcasing more music than any other broadcaster across its radio, TV and online services, but audiences failing to recognize the tracks in order to hear them again.

"BBC Playlister is a wonderful innovation from the BBC that has been designed purely with audience needs in mind," explains BBC Director-General Tony Hall. "We have a proud musical heritage that dates back to the very beginning of the BBC's history, and over the years we have found many new ways of bringing fantastic music to our viewers and listeners. Working with partners such as Spotify, YouTube and Deezer, we will once again transform our audiences' relationship with music and the BBC."

In the coming days BBC Playlister will launch on PC and via mobile browser, allowing the users to remember tracks, and export and listen to them on their chosen digital music service.

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