Nothing quite summons up the feeling of end-of-the-world despair on Sundays like the Charts. Interminably long, almost never surprising, lacking in fun, it is a horrible herald of passing time on the emptiest, most abyssal day of the week.

However, BBC Radio 1 have announced that their Official Chart will be moving to Friday's drivetime slot, 4–6pm, from July this year. Either the stigma I (and others, surely) have attached to the show will be dissociated from it because it's not on Sundays anymore – or it'll make Fridays bad. On the plus side, Fridays do tend to have this giddy energy that hopefully will be injected into the usually colourless rundown of the charts.

This arrives after recent news that the official release day for any major label release will now be Friday and no other day, in a weird show of uniformity for this "creative" industry.

Some changes are also being implemented that might make things a little more interesting. However, a statement from John Cooper (Controller, Radio 1 and 1xtra) doesn't actually say very much about the new show's content:

"The days of recording your favourite songs from the chart onto cassette are long gone and Radio 1 now operates in an instant digital world. So when the global release date changes to a Friday we will also move The Official Chart, continuing our commitment to stay relevant to young music fans of today and tomorrow."

Presenting the show will be Greg James. "The Chart must feel like it's providing news, not just confirmation of something the listeners already knew," he said. Hopefully he will make it more fun.

At the same time, it's also been announced that CBBC will be teaming up with Radio 1 for the CBBC Official Chart Show, "an energetic mix of pop, gossip, UGC interactive features and fast-moving entertainment." Cel Spellman will present this live at Radio 1's Live Lounge from May.