Stockholm-based duo Heart/Dancer will be releasing their latest album My Heart Is A Dancer on 27th November 2015 via Sommarhjärta. We're happy to be sharing with you 'Under', a single taken from the forthcoming release; it's a tract of low-key, deep-feeling music, with swathes of rippling sound washing beneath understated scattered melodies, the rich and echoing vocals singing R&B-inflected hooks in duet.

"Mostly it's about strong emotions that we want to translate to music," the duo said in an interview with Poule d'Or. "A lot of times we're inspired of other people's songs, we listen a lot to all sorts of music. But that's emotions too, everything is carrying some sort of feeling. It's all about finding the right ones and expressing that in the right way."

And none of that emotion seems to be missing from 'Under', all of it fading in, and then out, with a nebulous all-encompassing feeling, gradually surrounding and enveloping you.

The single will be out alongside the album on 27th November.