Bounding out of 'Hollyweird' Florida on a tidal wave of (almost) care free sunshine, diner milkshakes and songs about boys, come Beach Day. They've got tambourines. And their single is called... yep, 'Boys'.

It's a pretty darn good day to be at the Beach right now. You've found kindred souls to jam with, you've got some tunes, you got signed to Kanine Records, your album has been mixed by someone of pedigree (Jim Diamond) and your music has been featured in a commercial for Victoria's Secret (set at the beach), which means you're probably getting paid too. Kimmy, Natalie and Skyler are doing alright.

'Boys' clocks in at less than two minutes, and as a mission statement, it's crystal clear. Surf rock and girl group harmonies are running you over as soon as the intro has shaken you awake. But an organ smashing solo hints at something perhaps a little darker or weirder back there, like they keep some Cramps records next to their Phil Spector. On the surface though, the drums go boom dah dah boom dah, the guitars jangle and the song steams through with the enthusiasm of a sunburnt puppy chasing a boy down the beach.

This is perfect music for the sun kissed situations, or casting some much needed rays across your soul on these grey days we do so very well in the UK.

Their debut album Trip Track Attack is released on June 17th via Kanine Records. Check out the album cover/tracklisting below.

  • 1. Walking On The Streets
  • 2. Boys
  • 3. Beach Day
  • 4. Stay
  • 5. Seventeen
  • 6. Trip Track Attack
  • 7. Little Weird
  • 8. Come Back To Me
  • 9. Wasting All My Time
  • 10. Am I the Only One
  • 11. We’ve Gotta Go