Having already announced new album Depression Cherry, and a brand new track called 'Sparks', Beach House have now shared two more songs from the upcoming album via their website.

The feature on their website is called "Single Finder": you choose three previous Beach House singles and the site picks you one of three new singles based on your choice. This could be 'Sparks', or it could be one of the two shared with the launch of this feature, 'PPP' or 'Beyond Love'.

They shared a link to the new feature with the following statement on Facebook:

"For us, it's always a strange moment when a single has to be chosen. No one song ever feels like a perfect representative for a record. This device allows you all to choose the 3 songs you have enjoyed most in the past and have a 'single' chosen for you based loosely on what we consider to be musical similarities. enjoy."

At the same time, the website also sees the launch of a new feature called "Setlist Creator", which allows fans to influence the setlist of a particular tour dates by making three special requests. The band wrote on Facebook: "it will certainly influence our set lists…... maybe 50 people in milwaukee want to hear a song we made 10 years ago?!?!"

Head on over to their website to listen to the new singles.

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