Back in October we brought you 'Good To Know (That I'm Still On Your Mind)', the cheeky intro to new Brighton band Beach Riot. Tomorrow sees the release of their debut EP, Beach Riot, but ahead of that we're bringing you the bombastic opening track 'Medicate For Success'.

Beach Riot's primary songwriter Rory O'Connor actually experiences synesthesia - the biological quirk whereby you see sounds as colours. He discusses this in relation to 'Medicate for Success': "I don’t sit down and think “what colour shall I write in today”, it’s more of a feeling and state of mind. So, I’ll start something new, like 'Medicate''s intro riff, and in my mind's eye it’s a very blurry hazy white noise grey, and that helps me really jump into the dimension that the song lives in, wherethe song can sort of just create itself as I play. It’s the same when I play live, without even thinkingabout it each song has a very specific colour and feeling, and I just get lost in that image and try and channel that through my guitar and vocals."

In the case of 'Medicate for Success' he has turned that "blurry hazy white noise" (massive guitar sound to you and me) towards his hatred of Donald Trump and the era of 'Fake News'. Regardless of the subject matter, there's no doubt that Beach Riot have the riffs and energy to bring on a kind of midsummer madness even during these darkest days. 'Medicate For Success' chugs on monster guitars and pounding percussion, driving home a chorus like a fireball that'll undoubtedly keep you frisky throughout the winter period. In 'Medicate for Success', Beach Riot have produced the kind of song that makes you want to go down to the seafront in the bitter chill, get pissed off your face, sing and dance around in the shallows of the freezing water, while yelling at unimpressed strangers to cheer the fuck up and have a Merry Christmas - even if it is still a few weeks away. It's just that emphatic and intoxicating.

Take a listen to 'Medicate for Success' below.

Beach Riot's self-titled EP is out tomorrow. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and pre-order one of the limited edition vinyl copies of their debut EP here.