Beach Skulls are a trio of young men that make psych-inflected jangling indie rock. They released their debut album Slow Grind in 2016 after years of toil to get it completed. Their second album, called Las Dunas, found them working much more efficiently and with a new lease of life - even if the subject matter within might be a bit more jaded.

The band has cited influences from Frank Herbert's Dune (hence the title Las Dunas), quotidian struggles with societal stress and contemporary garage/psych-rock, among other things on the album. Lead single 'That's Not Me' gives us some insight into that, with a gloriously resplendent guitar line, underpinned by deft "ahhh"s and slick percussion. It feels like a moment of freedom from life's oppressions when singer Jordan Finney repeats the titular phrase, shrugging it out with a sigh of apathy. It's a beautiful kind of apathy though, which feels like the band escaping from the weight of daily life as they amble further on under the golden light radiating from the sparkling guitars they laid out on 'That's Not Me'.

Beach Skulls' second album Las Dunas comes out through PNKSLM on June 1st and can be pre-ordered here.