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Summer is the time of year when parties have few hindrances, without snow or school to get in the way of your plans. And with that, the best, most vivid memories come from the bashes that put you in the same mindset as Beachwood Coyotes on their new single, 'I Am Just A Stand In', premiering exclusively below.

“Operator...please send an ambulance preemptively,” frontman Jason Nott calls, with some echoing voices joining him in the chorus; everyone involved exudes wild and possibly reckless behavior all in the name of good fun. The song relies on loud drums and catchy vocal melodies that make this track a truly anthemic earworm. It is sanguine, easy-going and excited, despite its origin as a way for Nott to let go of a relationship he knew he wasn’t right for. But that is still reason enough to celebrate with the lads.

“Sometimes I can lack empathy in relationships and writing this song was my way of reckoning with that. When I wrote ‘I Am Just A Stand In’ I was dating someone and started to realize I was just a placeholder for the person they deserved to be with. I knew I was never going to live up to or be what they wanted me to be.”

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