Bear Hands hit their stride on 2014's excellent Distraction, a sharp, colorful, and highly danceable record that saw the band finding a middle ground between the edgy post-punk and sunny psych-rock of their debut.

Their new album, You'll Pay For This, could arguably be their most varied yet, and in some ways, their least focused as the band explores everything from sticky dance-infused rock on 'I Won't Pay', to hip-hop on 'Déjà Vu', and the spiky post-punk of their early records on 'Chin Ups' and 'Winner's Circle' and more.

The supposed lack of focus is exactly what makes it so much fun though, even with greater introspection showing up in their songwriting: going out is now a drag, their favorite spots have closed, and nothing good happens past 2AM. Rather than celebrating the gleeful recklessness of youth, they are now older and wanting to forget their age. Yet the newfound "maturity" (something that can sometimes be the death knell of a band) only serves to balance out their snarky and sly humor, which has always been their strong suit.

Nine years and three albums into their career, Bear Hands continue to make equally challenging and fun music.