So you’re on Twitter, right, and you’re going through all of the people who have recently started following you, and after automatically following back all the people who look vaguely fit and are real (No, I’m not clicking that link; No, I don’t want cheap medical drugs, and I’m not entirely convinced that’s you in your prof pic either…) you then start to go though the bands. Do you follow back bands? More importantly, do you give them a listen? Being listened to is probably the best they could gain in their attempts at following people. I try to give everyone that follows me a listen (I have a lot of time to fill during the day) and the results are more 'miss' than 'hit' if I’m completely honest. But, when it 'hits', you get to grips with stuff like Bear Mountain.

I got into Bear Mountain (aka Ian Bevis) via the above method and was pretty much hooked halfway through the first track of his Bear Mountain EP. A few months later he released ‘Swim’ unto the world, an absolute gem of a track: a beat-driven organ drives a nice summery groove, complete with swirling vocals – very reminiscent of Caribou – filtering through over the top. Hopefully a taster of things to come from the Canadian based artist, I look forward to seeing what he does next – whether that be a cracking follow-up single or what he just had for lunch. I’m all over that shit. I follow him now.

You can download the track by heading to