If ever there was some news that made us think we needed to stop daytime drinking, this is it. Over in Turkey, clinics have begun cropping up (sorry, we had to) to give men who can't grow moustaches the opportunity to have some hair thatched into their face.

For centuries, facial hair has been grown for many reasons - to display power, for fashion or simply just because it makes the wearer look like a bad motherf*cker. Unfortunately for many men and people undergoing transgender assignment therapy, growing a great big bushy beard simply isn't an option. Now these clinics offer a solution to thousands of people's bumfluff nightmares for good.

In Turkey, moustaches aren't just a way to channel your inner Tom Selleck. In Turkish culture a full, glossy moustache can signify anything from political ideologies, ethnic background and even virility, explaining why surgical options have flourished.

The surgery uses a technique called "follicular unit extraction", which you may have heard of through Wayne Rooney's flirtation with the treatment for his own receding hairline. During the procedure, hair is removed from the scalp to be implanted to their upper lip or cheek.

It's not particularly cheap though at around $5,000 a treatment, and we imagine it'd hurt way more than razor burn. Still, if like one of the men visiting a clinic told the BBC you would like to resemble a powerful member of the Ottoman Empire because of your "nostalgic soul", it could be the easy way to impress everyone with your bristling masculinity.

[via Taxi]