Dance-pop wizard and collaborating specialist Bearson is at it again with Utah-based teen producer, Ford.. This time around, the two tackle Bearson’s previous track, ‘Get Lost’ (feat. Ashe), which was released this past spring. The original partnership with EDM-pop songstress Ashe occupied a tropical-pop setting that featured a soaring spectacle of Bearson’s ultra sleek productions commanded by the pop singer’s yearning vocals. The liberating effort created an ecstatic impression upon first and subsequent listens. With this new remix, Bearson and Ford. steer the ship into placid currents with a moody backdrop and contemplative desires in mind. Its warm productions and ruminating elements are worlds a way from the original tune, marking this new recording between the two producers a full-fledge refresh on an already absorbing pop-fueled endeavor.

The 24-year-old Oslo, Norway native Bearson (Jakob Bjørn Hansen), now based in Los Angeles, is gearing up for his debut EP later this year. His previous endeavor ‘I Only Need One’ follows his earlier partnerships this year with the aforementioned Ashe on ‘Get Lost’ and ‘Go To Sleep’ with Kailee Morgue.

‘Get Lost’ feat. Ashe (Ford. Remix) is out now via Ultra Records.