Paul's Boutique (both the album and the location on the album cover) has been through the ringer as far as lawsuits go in the last few years. The iconic Beastie Boys album had come under fire from TufAmerica, a publishing company that Questlove calls a "bloodsucker" in the hip-hop world, because they claimed that the Beasties violated copyright law from some unauthorized samples used on the 1989 record. To win the case, it would require TufAmerica to get the OK from the entire Trouble Funk trio, as their samples were used on both 'Say What' and 'Hold It Now Hit It', but they were only able to lock down deals with two of the group's members way back in 1999.

The judge essentially threw out the case because of it, ruling that TufAmerica did not have reasonable cause to sue because they never secured an exclusive license to copyright those Trouble Funk tunes. For those wondering, Questlove called them "bloodsuckers" because not only have they sued the Beastie Boys, but they've also gone to court with Kanye West, Jay Z, and Frank Ocean. The lawsuit over the renaming of the corner on the Paul's Boutique cover is still pending.