Having already had previous track 'Silver Screen' featured as part of the influential Kitsuné Maison collection which has seen to the rise of the likes of Two Door Cinema Club and the Drums, Seattle based electro-pop four piece Beat Connection are back with 'The Palace Garden, 4am'.

Standing as the primary lead single from their debut album The Palace Garden, there seems no better track to use as a representative through its reinforcement of their previously established exotic, electronic sound. Despite continuing their tropical beat, it's immediately clear that Beat Connection are trying to tell us that with their new material of 2012 comes a more serious attitude towards their music – shown through increasingly clear vocals which provide a somewhat refreshing aurora that might even remind us of a brighter, more radiant We Have Band.

What 'The Palace Garden, 4am' does have in simplistically pleasing and breezy tones is unfortunately countered by its lack of depth. While Beat Connection may have made a damn good attempt at creating bright and uplifting sounds that make us want to 'move into the rhythm of a Summer night', it is impossible to ignore the slight lack of engagement within this track – something we really, really don't want to see carried through into their much anticipated debut.

However, whether this track manages to become consolidated within the world of psychedelic electro-pop or not, this is still a sound that will rightfully hold a strong place within a number of our summer playlists across the coming months – a truly deserving result for what has been deemed as one of the most exciting acts to emerge from Seattle in the last few years.

With a digital release of 25th June via Tender Age, you can catch 'The Palace Garden, 4am' below.